The Man

Posted by khrishan on 2018-11-13

So why this book? As a child, I think as a ‘hand-me-down’, I got a cassette tape of this book called The Man. I remember, being a 10 year old, listening to this cassette over and over again. So why not ‘read’ it again and add it to this list!

When I say ‘read’, I actually mean listen. Someone thankfully put the audiobook on YouTube (link below) and I was able to go through the whole book on one evening walk.

Hearing this back with my adult ears, I can see why 'the child me' (and other children) love this audiobook - due to the sounds that accompany with the story telling. Things like : a tap running, scissors cutting, hairdryer whirring and so on.

The story is about a kid called John who woke up one morning to encounter a ‘miniature man’ - who spoke English and demanded a place to reside whilst also demanding that John kept his ‘incognito’ status.

Due to his size, John had to do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ and buy a lot of specific, yet expensive items for him - things that John would not normally buy.

‘The Man’ said that there were ‘not many of his kind left’ and it was later discovered that he was ‘trying to make contact’ with those that did survive.

John and The Man would argue a lot, This was because it came across that The Man was ungrateful for all the effort that John was doing for him / spending on him. In addition, John was getting in trouble with his parents for all the mess and nuisance that The Man was causing.

In the end, The Man left after three days (which is normal period that he stays with one place). Despite all the bickering, John was in tears when he left.

There are a lot of morals that one can take out of this book. The main one for me, now looking back as an adult, was the comment where the Man made about ‘being normal’. John was trying to work out what ‘species’ the Man was - which led to John making the comment that he ‘wasn’t normal’. The question / accusation that the Man responded with was ‘What makes you think YOU are normal in which all others should be judged?’.

It reminds me of the ‘Einstein’ quote - whether Albert Einstein every said it I’m not too sure - but it's a good quote nevertheless.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Great book, great read, highly recommend :)

Thanks for reading :) x