The Magic Finger

Posted by khrishan on 2019-12-25

The Magic Finger was a short read from my Roald Dahl collection. When I came up with my 100 Days of Reading Challenge, I decided to start easy and read this short children's book.

The Magic Finger is about an unamed girl who, when angry, points her magic finger at someone (or group), who then go on to suffer something terrible and embarassing.

There were two examples of this. The first, she turned her teacher into a cat, the second forms the main plot of the story.

Her neighbours are called the Cleggs, and they love to shoot down animals, which the girl hates.

On evening, she shoots her magic finger at the Cleggs. The next morning, their arms had been replaced with duck wings and they shrank in size.

They went for a test flight with their new wings and soon their house had been taken by some ducks whose wings were replaced with arms. The Cleggs spent the night in a tree, with Mr Clegg building a nest for his family to spend the night in.

The next morning they woke up to three guns facing them from the 'duck human half breeds'.

The Cleggs, fearing for their lives, promised to give up shooting, in exchange for their freedom. The half breeds agree and then the world is returned to normal.


Roald Dahl's books all connect in some way. For example, you can make parallels to the girl in this book to Matilda, the magic to The Witches, the animals (and hunters) with Fantastic Mr Fox and so on.

Nice short children's book.

Thanks for Reading :) x