Georges Marvellous Medicine

Posted by khrishan on 2019-01-03

This is a book that I first read when I was a child. I distinctly remember having an audio cassette which had the story on it.

George is a only child who has an evil wicked Grandma. When his parents are out one morning, he is left at home having to look after his demanding Grandma.

She's a wicked evil woman, who bosses George around and bullies him.

Grandma has to take her medicine at 11am. So rather than giving her the correct medicine, George 'creates his own medicine' out of anything and everything that he can lay his hands on.

Once he combines every liquid he could get hold of, boils it and lets its cool down.

He gives her his new medicine.

After she takes it, at first Grandma thinks she's on fire, but afterwards, Grandma then grows as tall as the house, bursting through the roof.

Grandma feels amazing and doesn't believe that George made the medicine. In order to prove that he did, he feeds the medicine to one of his father's chickens and it has a similar effect.

When George's father (Mr. Kranky) returns and see's what has happened, he becomes very excited and see's George's medicine as a 'get rich quick scheme'.He has George feed the medicine on the rest of the farm's animals, causing them to become giants as well.

As part of his 'get rich quick scheme', Mr. Kranky gets George to recount his movements the next day, in order to replicate the medicine, so that they can ship and sell across the world.

The only issue is that George can't remember all the ingredients!

Each time George remembers an ingredient and they make another batch of medicine, it has a different effect on the animals - where the 4th batch makes the animals shrink.

Grandma, who has now been relocated to the barn because she's grown so big, feels like she's been neglected. She mistakes the cup of 'shrinking medicine' that George is holding as a cup of tea and drinks the whole thing - and she vanishes as a result.


Like all of Roald Dahl's books, I loved reading this book again. I can see why I liked reading it - the hero, the only child, won!

One thing I have noticed reading this book now that I am a bit older, is that there is a lot of 'overlap' between all of the books. For example, in this book, George and his family live on a farm - similar to those in Fantastic Mr Fox. In addition, the Grandma in the story can be related, heavily, to one of the Witches.

Thanks for reading :) x