Feather Boy

Posted by khrishan on 2018-01-18

This book was found during a charity shop raid, and I thought it was a steal at £1.

It’s a book about a shy young boy, who isn’t the coolest kid in school. He wasn’t particularly smart, wasn’t particularly sporty or talented.

As part of a school project, selected students were paired with someone from the local ‘old people’s’ home, to learn from and to present something at the ’Sharing’.

Robert Nobel, the shy young boy, was paired with Edith Sorrell, and over time, Robert made a ‘coat of feathers’.

I first knew of this story, because of a tv show I watched when I was young on CBBC - I found the tv show on YouTube - video below.

Perhaps I’m a little nostalgic as it reminds me of my youth, but I still believe that this is a really good book.

Thanks for reading :) x