Expert in a Year : The Ultimate Table Tennis Challenge

Posted by khrishan on 2016-06-10

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across this video. It was a timelapse of the transformation of someone who was a 'bad' table tennis player to someone who turned out to be really really good (well thats what I thought at the time).

This video was really interesting so I followed the link . This took to me to page which explained more of the concept. This made me even more intrigued so I bought the book. It was a really good read and I would recommend it to anyone who is aspirational and commited to making a change in their life. This book shows how even failure leads to positive results.

The aim of the experiment was to take a rank ameatur (Sam Priestley) and try to become a top 250 ranked player in the UK. Sam had no sport background and it was the aim of his table tennis enthusiast friend (Ben Larcome) to help Sam achieve this goal.

The video shows one story but the book tells another one altogher. Long of the short of it, they failed to reach their goal- they didn't even get close. But as I pointed out earlier, looking at that video, you wouldn't see the experiement as any sort of failure.

The way the book is cleverly written and I loved the use of quotes to help 'summarise' the chapter before the reader every reads it.

Although I loved reading abouy Sam's journey, the Reflections chapter near the end of the book is worth the Kindle price on its own. Here Sam outlines 29 'Important Lessons' that he has learnt throughout the challenge. He combines these 'lessons' with his favourite quotes that helped motivate him through this journey.

I plan to take some of these lessons when doing my gym work, only time will tell of my results.

Great concept, great book. Top work all round :)