Wentworth 2018

Posted by khrishan on 2018-08-17

One of the many perks of working where I do is that it is down the road from Wentwoth Golf Club - which hosts the BMW PGA Championship every year.

So this year, going into the final day, one of my favourite golfers, Rory McIlroy, was co-leading with Francesco Molinari - what a perfet time to go!

It was a really good day (apart from Rory not winning). The weather was gorgeous, and the atmosphere was unique, something that I've never really experienced.

We only paid the price of admission, and yet, we got access to all parts of the course - including training facilities. I had the chance to watch some of the top golfers warm up, both on the driving range and the putting green. (Matt Fitzpatrick - jeez he hits the ball far!)

The big difference with watching golf live compared with on TV is that you can't see everything (which may seem obvious). There were two 'tactics' that the crowd tried to tactic that most people applied was to either stay in the same place (like a specific piece of the course), or to follow a particular golfer around.

We tried to do a hybrid, which meant we watched some of the earlier starters play and camped ourselves by the 2nd hole green and the 3rd hole tee box. Afterwards, we then went back to follow Rory around. This worked some of the time. However, on occasions, it was difficult. This was due to a few things :

  • Rory being in the last pair to go out (so everyone would eventually come back to watch the final group, to then watch the eventual winner 'win')
  • We were following Rory McIlroy - who has a bigger following than most,
  • but also we kept running into people who took up the first tactic and were camping by specific holes.

Francesco Molinari ended up winning the whole event - he didn't even break sweat in doing so. Her was a very deserving winner.

There is another reason why I'm writing this blog post - and that is due to the fact that I went on a double decker bus.

Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking - “Why on Earth is this a big thing in your life to achieve?” And I’ll be honest with you - it isn’t a big thing - and I have been on a double decker bus countless amount of times but there is a little story behind this bucket list item.

When I was younger, my Mom used to take me everywhere. Wednesbury Town Centre, Walsall Town Centre, Birmingham, Cricket, Football, Primary School etc. She’d take me in her car (or on the Metro if we went to Birmingham).

I remember going to town one time and asking my Mom if we could go on a double decker bus. She was shocked by my question. She asked me, “Why?”. In her mind, cars are better than buses - why does the kid want to go on a bus?

“I’ve never been on a double decker bus before.” This confused my Mom at first, but then realised that I can't have been on a double decker bus before - as she drove everywhere.

So a few weeks later, we got on a double decker bus to Birmingham (the 79 if I remember correctly). We sat on the top deck - right at the front. I remember this bit well because we were on for one stop and the bus driver stopped at the next stop, came upstairs and asked my mom to move her bag off the window - that allowed him to see what was going on on the top deck.

It took way longer that the Metro, it smelled worse than the Metro and after shopping, we had to carry all our shopping home.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture from my first adventure on a double decker bus. And neither do I have pictures from the countless amount of times after I’ve been on a double decker bus.

But here is the image of us going back from the golf to where we parked our cars :)

Thanks for reading :) x