Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-29

*** RETRO POST ***


And here she is…


So she is a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 litre engine with 5 doors - in ‘Dark Grey’ (according to the invoice - but its Silver to me and you). She’d done 60,000 miles when we bought her (which is a lot - I know) but you can’t really tell (hopefully, there isn’t some secret agenda I don’t know about her yet…)

Why Georgie? Named after Georgie Thompson (the old Sky Sports News Presenter - now called Georgie Ainslie after she married Ben Ainslie the sailor -.- :’( )

I bought her from Arnold Clark and the salesman was my old school friend’s Dad (Kevin Smith shoutout there). Car dealers are so cut throat it is mad! It’s all about the quick sale, getting in and out, figures, no sales - your axed…! It is crazy! Thank god I’m not in that line of work… I thought retail was bad.

Anyway, funny story - on the way back from Arnold Clark, my dad thought it would be a great idea to put my mother in the passenger seat with me as I drove back home… fine… she’s driven with me before - no issue - except this was my car…

We got in and started to drive, except there was this constant beeping… the car just kept beeping. There was a warning light on the dashboard, but the car was moving fine…

I pulled into ASDA on the way back - which was a complete shock to my Dad who was following behind and had no idea where I was going… he carried on home… I couldn’t call him either as he didn’t have his phone on him -.-

Parked in ASDA and went through EVERYTHING, the lights, the indicators, the wipers, the gears, brakes, seatbelt, windows EVERYTHING!!! Yet turn the car back on, there’s the beeping again!!!

So I drive the car home, my Dad comes out and asks ‘Where did you go?!’ - about to have a go at me cause he told me specifically to come straight home… I told him the issue and he took a look in the car.

“Your handbrake is on” he said “No it’s not… how could I have driven back if it was on?” “It’s not all the way on, the lever is slightly up” He then proceeded to put it down and the beeping stopped.

All that and it was the handbrake - not being fully down! What a muppet?! What problems could that cause anyway…?