Website Revamp - Part 2

Posted by khrishan on 2016-08-14

Good evening all. With the Rio Olympics on, I’m writing this blog post at 2:22am having just watched Mo Farah win Olympic Gold (even after getting tripped up by his team mate), Greg Rutherford win bronze in a competitive long jump.

In the meantime, I have implemented part two of my website revamp - my blog.

I have used the bootstrap template that my homepage is based on, where I chose the cards view. By clicking one of these cards it will take you to a specific blog post (with the URL /blog/post/name_of_blog_post).

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I have chosen to split my blog posts into one of three categories (Life, Sport, Tech). The blue buttons that are on top of the posts filter the blog posts into those three categories - and if you click ‘All’ you get all the blog posts.

All these cards, all the blog posts urls are automatically generated using the Codeigniter framework. This is done by modifying the title by making them all lowercase and replacing the spaces with underscores. This has meant going through my previous blog posts and change the titles so they can be transformed into URL viable (not fun).

        echo str_replace(' ','_',strtolower($row['title']))

The code used to get the URL.

By doing this, I will be able to tweet/share individual blog posts, and therefore track what blog posts attract more views. This will be big for me, as this may shape what I blog about in the future.

Whats Next?

With regards to updates, I will update KPSBooks (A macrophage that shows what books I have read - which shouldn’t take me long). After that, I will be updating my admin page. This will be exciting, as I’ve paid for a very snazzy template, which I can use. This template has the ability to give me  a lot more functionality than I was bargaining for (email, calendar etc etc)… Before I update the admin section, I do want to write a blog post on the current state of my Finance page (which I am proud of) :)

Onwards and Upwards :)