Website Revamp - Part 1

Posted by khrishan on 2016-08-11

As it says in the title, and as you have probably seen, gone has my 'Coming Soon' page which is replaced with my new homepage! :)

This is one of my many updates that I have made to my website. A lot of this new functionality you will not be able to see - but I plan to show you in blog posts to come (You'll just have to trust me when I say it works ;)).

Website Overview

My website was initially created in November 2014, where a few university mates and I bought domains and hosting... I dabbled with different things on my site, but it wasn't till December 2015 where I took my website seriously. It's built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework - something I used in my second year at University.

The New Homepage

My new website is built using Bootstrap and a few open source libraries that make the homepage tick. One of the new features of this revamped homepage is the 'Latest Blog Posts' section.

This allows any of my visitors to see my most recent posts, from the homepage. This is dynamically generated, so all I do is write my new blog post, upload it and it will automatically appear in this section. If you click on one of the cards, it will load a modal with the blog post within it. One of the things that doesn't work yet - is that the blog image associated with the post doesn't appear on the modal view (issue is in my GitHub repo, don't worry :P).

The other new piece of functionality is the 'Contact Me' section.

I thought this was going to be a massive pain, but turns out it's very very simple to implement! In PHP, there is a predefined method called mail. All I needed to do was define the parameters.

I've done my validation in the JavaScript - as opposed to doing it in the PHP. This way the user gets instant feedback from the form - rather than having to click the send button to get an error.

At the time of writing this blog, I have also made a cosmetic update to my login screen - but the average Joe won't have to worry about this as this login is only for an admin user (Me) - perhaps one day I'll have a need for other users...

Plans Going Forward

First, my blog needs revamping! Currently, although the page loads dynamically with minimal PHP code, it does load every single blog post on one page - this is annoying when it comes to Analytics as I have no idea what specific post the user is interested in... The plan is to have a grid view of blog posts cards. - similar to the cards on the homepage, where the user can filter between Tech/Sport/Life posts. Once they have clicked on one, this will then take them to an actual page, where the visitor can then leave comments. That's the goal... Watch this space.

Next Time

One of the things I am most most proud of is my Finance page, and all the little additional toys I have coded into it. So next Tech post will be about my Finance page.