Visit 10 Downing Street - Bucket List

Posted by khrishan on 2017-07-02

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Yes, that is me stood outside the very famous No 10 Downing Street. Now the story behind it…

I went to Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall. It was founded by Queen Mary Tudor in 1554. Queen Mary Tudor is buried in Westminster Abbey (London) and every year - the Year 7s and the Captain of School visit the tomb to place a wreath on her tomb.

Now in 2007, there was a terror threat in Westminster. As a Year 7, I remember being at Oxford service station when our teachers decided to turn back to Walsall and abandon the trip - the first time EVER (or in MANY MANY years at least) - so I never got to be part of the tradition.

In my final year at school, I was made Vice Captain of School and when I was asked to go on the trip to London - I jumped at the chance.

We took the Year 7s on a duck tour, the wreath laying in Westminster Abbey, then a trip of No 10 before heading back. On this day, I also met Nigel Farage on this day as he did an interview for BBC News (See Photo Below) but cannot for the life of me find the photo I had with him - If I do find it - I’ll include it in this blog post at a later date.

Thanks for reading :) x