Tough Mudder The Half

Posted by khrishan on 2018-11-21

Currently, I’m sitting on a train going back to Basingstoke.

Whilst writing this blog post, I am 183 days away from taking part in the FULL Tough Mudder and I am not ready one single bit, slowing falling into the trap I did when doing that one of being completely under prepared for the event.

Why write this as an intro? Well, I want to look back in 184 days time and see what progress, if any progress, in that time.

Watch this space!

** RETRO POST ** I wanted to be fit - and this before I signed up for Tough Mudder.

The plan was a friend and I would sign up for the event, go to the gym together and workout - in preparation for this ‘Tough’ event.

In all honesty, we didn’t prepare at all - and that’s not just me trying to add ‘dramatic effect’ - we did fuck all.

We turned up on the day, and stood in line to get scanned in and admitted, ready to start Tough Mudder.

The one thing I’ll mention is that Tough Mudder is a ‘team’ event. Most of the obstacles you cannot do alone so it really tries to encourage you to work together, even with strangers - something my friend and I had to rely on, as we couldn’t complete the obstacles with two of us.

We walked pretty much the whole course, because my friend didn’t have the energy or stamina to go any quicker. The challenges were quite simple and straight forward - what killed us (mainly him) was the running. Our event was held at Henley on Thames - which we became well aware was extremely ‘hilly’ - and therefore very difficult to run (and the mud didn’t help either).

The bottom line is We Completed It!. But it very much highlighted both our lack of fitness levels! Personally, I was completely disgusted in how our lack of preparation - and was embarrassed by having to walk round it.

So what do I do after completing it - sign up for the full one in May 2019.

Let’s see how that one goes.

Thanks for Reading :) x ​