Tough Mudder 2019

Posted by khrishan on 2019-05-04

Here we are again, one year later - this time, I feel a small sense of achievement.

Although, I didn’t fulfil my promise to myself.

Here’s the story :

I signed up for the full Tough Mudder days after completing the half one… and decided to sign up with two of my ‘fitter’ friends - both of whom run regularly.

However, life ended up getting in the way. One of the guys got an opportunity to work in the USA, hence wouldn’t be able to make the event.

We then spoke about deferring our entry till next year… and I was hoping that was the case, cause just like last time, I’d barely did any training.

I also kind of had an identity crisis during the beginning of the year…which wasn’t good for my mental state.

So I really really didn’t want to do it.

Thank god my other friend pushed me into doing it this year. :)

In terms of preparation, I had done a few swimming sessions in the month leading up to Tough Mudder. Then I watched the London Marathon - and became hugely inspired by the event - so much so I’ve signed up for the next marathon and have taken up running - through completing two Couch to 5K sessions. (Which if you are unfamiliar isn’t a lot).

We arrived on the Saturday, with both nerves and excitement. On the start line, I was so happy I was doing it - regardless of how good I was going to be.

It was amazing!

Although I did have to walk a few parts of it (especially the hills), I jogged around a lot of the course - finishing the near 10 mile course in 2 hours 40 minutes.

Image from Strava

The obstacles were also ‘easier’ than I imagined. This year saw the introduction of ‘more challenging versions of the obstacles - from which we completed a few of them!

The toughest one was called the block-ness monster, which involved water. The only reason why it was the most difficult was because the people we were completing it with didn’t understand the obstacle - which meant we were in the water A LOT longer than we should have been - which meant we were a lot colder afterwards.

I did manage to get myself in the wars on a couple of occasions

I cut my finger (twice), unbeknown to me. I don’t want to come across as a pansey but seeing as I was doing a muddy obstacle course, I didn’t want any cut to get infected either - so we stopped at a first aid tent to get a plaster.

The funniest thing came at the ‘Whopper’ - a new obstacle course for 2019… which involved a wooden beam to walk up, followed by some monkey bars, and then a ledge to traverse, with the punishment being water below.

I fell at the first hurdle, in both hilarious and spectacular fashion.

When navigating the wooden beam, once I got near the end, I started to lose my balance. With my infinite wisdom, I decided to try and hurry through the last part - before I fell off. I then slipped, and fell onto the beam, genitals first.

FUCK ME THAT HURT. (But it’s funny looking back at it now)

Even the ice bath obstacle wasn’t that bad - which was the one I was fearing the most.

So glad I got forced to do it - and hopefully we will be doing it again with my housemate next year!

Thanks for reading :) x