The Rubix Cube

Posted by khrishan on 2018-01-28

Now, before you read on, and get on your high horse. I am NOT claiming to be the best ‘Rubix Cube solver'. I am NOT claiming to be able to do it the fastest and I am also NOT going to describe ‘how’ to solve a Rubix cube.

What I can say for sure… is that I can solve a Rubix cube.

I have been able to solve a Rubix cube since my second year at university (2015), but have always put off making this blog post as I didn’t really know how to ‘prove’ that I can.

Whereas now, I’ve taken a leaf out of Nike’s book and I’m ‘just doing it’.

I’ve put a link to the video that I used to help me solve the Rubix cube down in the references below, but here is my video :

Thanks for reading / watching :) x