The Potato Diet Results

Posted by khrishan on 2018-02-11

My Personal Potato Diet Hack - Results

It works

although I don't think it doesn't in the photo

Date Weight (kg) Notes
2nd Jan 87 Midday Weigh
12 Jan 81 Afternoon Weigh
14th Jan 78 Wake Up Weigh (after a night out)
21st Jan 77 Midday Weigh (With Clothes)
29th Jan 77.6 Wake Up Weigh (No Clothes)
31st Jan 77.8 Wake Up Weigh (No Clothes)
1st Feb 77.4 Wake Up Weigh (No Clothes)

Cheat Days 24th Jan : Nandos in the Evening

My thoughts

Some people work out and think that they will lose fat in the right areas (If I do sit ups, I’ll get abs) - it’s not that simple.

Same with this diet, the weight number, although lower, could be down to a multitude of things - losing fat (the one you want), but I could well be losing muscle mass.

Also what is an interesting piece of information to find out, is what is my weight after February? Will I put it all back on?

The long and the short of it : “Any diet that puts you in a calorie deficit will help you lose weight”

Does it work? yes, but there are other safer, tried and tested alternatives to lose weight.

But where’s the fun in that? :P

This isn't the end. There is a LONG way to go before ticking off that 'getting buff' bucketlist item. But I'm going in the right way... :)

Thanks for reading :) x

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