The Potato Diet

Posted by khrishan on 2018-02-04

On the 1st January 2018 (New Year’s Day), for some strange reason, my father and I weighed ourselves on the scales.

For those who don’t know my father well, he is fat. He has multiple excuses for this, “I work nights...”, “I have no time to go to the gym...” - but the main reason is that he eats junk food and he doesn’t train.

So I was alarmed when I got on the scales and saw that, although he still weighed more than me - at 89kg, I only weighed 2kg less, at 87kg.

I reflected back on how I got this heavy and I knew exactly why. I stopped going to the gym, the cricket season was over, I started my new job, which was working in an office, and I was eating crap food (I had stopped cooking and resorted to junk food.)

Here’s a picture :

Apologies for not cleaning the mirror :P

This had to change - immediately!

I didn’t believe in diets, and I also didn’t believe in the number shown on the scales - as it doesn’t show true health/fitness (someone could weigh 40kg and be extremely unhealthy - someone could weigh 100kg and be shredded as hell).

I’ve read Penn Jillette’s book (link here) but here is the part I took from the book :

(Another thing to mention was that he tried 'normal dieting and exercise' first before he went to his more 'radical diet'). I'm not fat or overweight... but what made this a 'page turner' for me was learning about Penn's psyche - about how he didn't want to be just another Average Joe losing weight... he wanted to do it 'a crazy way' - eating nothing but potatoes for two weeks, not exercising and having 'contrast showers' does seem crazy.

But then conversely, I also made note of this quote:

If you take any lifestyle or medical advice from a juggler—you’re an asshole!

So, I did some ‘quick research’ (and some more thorough research around the topic once I was underway) - I decided, for the month of January, I underwent my own “Potato Diet”.

The rules were simple : Monday and Friday : I could only eat potatoes. No butter, No beans, No salad - just potatoes (and Tobasco Sauce)

The weekends were mine and I could eat/drink anything I wanted - so long as I was disciplined Monday - Friday.

Click here to see the results.

(If the here link doesn’t work, it’s cause I’m delaying my results blog post)

Thanks for Reading :) x