Successful Saturday - ish

Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-19

Hello again, I'm back and actually writing a post on the evening on the day, how strange! :P

My day since I typed the post about yesterday has been amazing (bar one thing, which is why the title is slightly misleading - but I'll explain)

It started off with my driving lesson, where we did a mock test... and I passed with one minor (speeding, but I knew I was doing it and was stopping as he looked) but even so thats amazing! Also, I did a parallel park, in the daylight this time, and nailed it first time! I'm so buzzing about it! But, got to keep my feet on the ground, I can't go planning my car shopping just yet... I may have got lucky today or the stars aligned today, just keep what I'm doing, keep focussed and the hard work will pay off.

After that, we made out way into town for a 'recovery meal' after last nights shenanigans. We decided to go to TGI Fridays and boy was that a good choice (Well done Bakz :P) I had the Cheesy Nachos for starters, JD Chicken Sandwich for main. Wasn't impressed with the cheesy nachos, the top layer of nachos were okay, but after the top layer, there were just 'fried crisps' which were disgusting! The JD Chicken Sandwich was nice... nothing 'amazing' about it, just a regular burger if you ask me, but it was nice.

We then went shopping around town for christmas presents (yes I haven't done my christmas shopping yet, please don't shoot me). I know who I want to buy presents for and I know what gifts I want to get for certain people, it's just a case of buying them! Time is a wonderful gift which I just wish I has used wisely this December.

*** WEBSITE NEWS *** So, I have made some progress on my website in the form of making my blog more proper! I've added a sidebar with the appearing links... its just a case of making them dynamic. Once I've done that I will officially publish it on the website.

Anyways, one has to watch MOTD :) Have a great evening and see you tomorrow ;) Peace