Stocbury CC vs Kennington CC

Posted by khrishan on 2016-05-15

My final day in Kent saw me play for my uni friend’s Sunday village team Stockbury. A village team playing in the Kent Village League Division 5. We arrived with music blasting out of the courtesy car and arrived at a village green as it were and met the new team. The majority of the team were my age (or there abouts) with a few exceptions. A great bunch of lads, who love the banter. The one thing I would say about this ground is that the car park is  - well - non existant. My car was parked at cow corner and I was extremely scared of any incoming balls on  the car roof... :S  :S :S

We had to concede the toss (I think because we didn’t have a scorer and/or umpire - not quite sure) - we were inserted into bat and I opened up the batting with my other uni friend Jack Herklots.

Although I’ve been going to the gym - and maybe two days on the booze/followed by a Dominos/Star Wars night may have been a factor, running between the wickets in that game was an extremely uphill struggle! I was blowing after the first ran 2.

Without using my own bat was also really annoying. Not being able to time the ball to the fence and having to run everything was extremely annoying -.- Also running Herklots’ runs also was not ideal :P Nevertheless, we put on 65 for the first wicket until I spooned a catch to cover :(

Herklots went on the get 62 and we were on to get 200.. but a mini batting collapse left us on 170-9 (below par I felt for us - however everyone thought that score was very competitive)

We started fielding and even taking into consideration the standard of the team - I feel we gave away too many runs though bad fielding, bad keeping and some wayward bowling. At drinks, they were 100-1 and we gave them about 50.

Even so, the banter running through the team was strong and we were having a really good laugh, taking the mic out of each other (and sometimes the opposition). After drinks, we came back as a different team, bowling got tighter and we pulled back an impressive win. Herklots (as much as I HATE to say it) was MOTM getting 2-19 off his 7 overs at the end of their innings, to go with his 62.

It was an amazing day, good win and good end to a fab few days in Canterbury… It’s got me excited to go back to uni - for the cricket, golf, Stockbury (and for uni of course). Onwards and upwards from here :)