Staying Up for 24 Hours

Posted by khrishan on 2018-08-17

So why is this on the bucket list? Surely this is something that EVERY teenager / university student does on a regular basis?

I must be the exception.

Staying up for 24 hours is something I could never do. I always ended up falling asleep after 22 hours.

Even when doing an ‘all nighter’ to do my A Level Computing coursework, I decided to have a nap after 20 hours and finish my work when I woke back up. I drank a lot of Monster Energy drinks that night and even that didn’t do the trick!!

Previously, the closest I got was a New Years Eve / Day many years ago. We had our new year’s celebrations and got back home at 2am. I then made the stupid mistake of watching Paranormal Activity. After watching that movie, I couldn’t fall asleep.

I was playing golf the next day and I thought I could try and stay awake till I was getting picked up to go to golf - but then fell asleep.

But now I can say I’ve done it! I did it the day my group and I completed all the coursework for our University Final Year project.


I’ve done it.

Is it something I would want to do again? HELL NO! (At least I would try and avoid it!)

Thanks for reading :) x