Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-22

Good evening folks :) Hope we are all doing well this evening...

So today is the start of the end... nearly there guys... nearly christmas!! I have been to town and bought Christmas Presents! I haven't bought 'mainstream, big presents' but I have bought little sentimental (useful) presents :)

Working from home is cool and not cool at the same time. It's cool cause I don't have to travel to work, I can wear what I want, I can listen to music out load rather than in headphones... but there are drawbacks... such as loud revving engines outside and people walking past the window... I know they're just living their everyday lives, but when you're trying to work, it can be quite distracting.

I am one of those people who likes attaching places to certain activities - that makes no sense, let the explain. What most people think happens when you work from home is that you are in your pyjamas, in bed, with your laptop on, shaking the mouse while you watch films all day. Nah, not me.

I'd feel like I was scamming the company if I were to do that... it would be betraying the trust my manager put in me to work from home. So my routine consisted of me waking up early, to go to Morrisons to buy food to cook for me and my housemates (more on that later)... then start work at 8. I had a working lunch as I was having a driving lesson at 1:30 (which went well, we did manoeuvres) then came back home, more work and then cooked dinner.

For those who are out of the loop, my housemates (Seb + Hannah) have been really supportive and been there for me through my break up, Seb in particular has cooked me food pretty much, whenever he's cooked food as I was too pre-occupied being sorry for myself (#dumbass).

So I made him a promise, that for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I would cook him dinner (Hannah, joined in on today's dinner).

Today's dinner was Shepard's Pie, and it was very scrumptious (if I do say so myself)... I had it with broccoli and gravy :) I was stuffed after one portion (which is never the case normally) but I've left the rest of it for tomorrow's dinner :)... Check out tomorrow's blog for what's next...

So why the title? Well, our kitchen ebbs and flows through 'cleanliness'... sometimes its maintained but for the most part, it isn't, and the last two weeks have been a struggle. Plates, cutlery, pans... all dirty... all everywhere! So I spent a good 3 hours washing up :) Now, we can see the work surface!!! :O Now to some of you out there, that may seem like one heck of a drag... but I'm one of those guys who 'once I've got into a groove, doesn't stop'. This meant there is no washing up to do (that's in the kitchen anyway)... It took me 5 lots of 'washing' then drying/putting stuff away to make room on the draining board.

Which leaves me quite knackered... and obviously more lazy then ever as it's gone past midnight and my blog post will be out of sync again... #great.

Off to catch some zzz's, speak to you tomorrow ... Peace :)