Pokemon Red Randomiser

Posted by khrishan on 2016-02-17

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This day will go down in history. I found a new piece of tech - well its not new, I’ve used it before but there is a certain aspect of it that makes it ’new’ to me. It’s in the title so I best stop beating around the bush.

I playing Pokémon Red on my laptop using an emulator. Now, for those who don’t know me very well… I love Pokémon. It was the first form of video game I ever played and It was given to me as a present. It was Christmas and my Mom had bought me a Pokémon Yellow with a Yellow Gameboy! I played that game for hours and hours… now thinking back through my childhood - I wasn’t very good at it. I never paid much attention to the Attack/Defence/Speed/Special stats, just the level. So I must have been doing a hell of a lot of ‘grinding’ for levels so my Pokémon were higher levels than those in the Elite Four - which would be unnecessary if I paid attention to the stats - but I was 6 - leave me alone.

Anyway, back to 2016, I know emulators are not new, they’ve been around for ages, but what I’ve found that was new was the Pokémon Randomiser. This JAR file randomises aspects of the gameplay so you get a totally unique experience from the bog standard game. For example, you can randomise your starter Pokémon, you can randomise wild Pokémon, you can randomise move sets, randomise TMs, randomise trainer’s Pokémon - you can even randomise the Pokémon’s type (I haven’t done it for this run as I feel this would completely screw with me… not knowing what type a Charmander was - for example - would annoy me… but once I’ve competed this run I will do that)

So currently, I randomised everything except for type. I got lucky in that one of the starter Pokémon was a Mew (#BINGO), took that obviously! But then game moments like this completely threw me…


Now, for those not in the know, Mewtwo, in the unedited game, is only available once you’ve beaten the Elite Four, in a ‘Champions Cave’, at level 70, one time only. This one was level 3. Thing was, I couldn’t catch it! Thing with Mewtwo, is that because it is a ‘legendary Pokémon’ the catch rate is so low on it, using Poké balls will not do the job :( (I had a Mew anyway so I wasn’t that bothered ;))

Then came this…


First of all, a wild Moltres at level 9, thats an experience. Then the fact it knew Dragon Rage and killed me one hit! Wasn’t expecting that at all!

Now I’ve played Pokémon on and off for 15 years now (I have completed Pokémon Yellow - on the cartridge ;)) and I found something out that I never knew before.

A little background, as the moves are randomised, you get some weird combinations. For example, a Rhydon that doesn’t know any Ground type moves, but knows Absorb (a Leaf type move). Now this is amazing in some respects, as you can fight water Pokémon and get more EXP that way - as you’re fighting a Pokémon that it is weak against - in the original game mechanics) HOWEVER, when its up against a Charizard (Fire Type), whole new kettle of fish ;)

Anyways, I’m fighting Gary in the final battle, he has a Rhydon, I have a Charizard which is my last Pokémon (cause the others fainted previously) and Charizard was my HM slave - so all his moves are of Normal type - which is weak against a Rhydon.

Anyway, I ran out of moves (the PP ran down on all of them) - what happens?


Turns out the Pokémon have a hidden move, called ’Struggle’ which does minimal damage as you cannot command a move.

I never knew that - yet now I do :)

This post has been extremely geeky, and sad, but Pokémon was the game of my childhood. The fact i am 21, and I STILL love this game, just shows how great it was to me.

Anyways, my plan is to complete the run I am on, then play it again but with random EVERYTHING. ‘Completing the run I am on’ is easier said than done. When writing this post, I have seen all 151 Pokémon, and have caught 145… but the ones I’m missing are Caterpie, Rattata, Cubone, Rhydon, Articuno and Abra. Now normally, these Pokémon are very easy to find… but as the game is randomised, all Pokémon aren’t where the should be! - so it may take a while… I shall keep you posted on how I get on :P