Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-23

Good evening folks... as you may have guessed from my title I am quite ecstatic about today's events... I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! First time as well :) I'm so so so so happy :)

I passed with 8 minors which is a lot (I agree) but less than the 15 allowed. Also, it was a massive improvement from the lesson before the test where I almost crashed the car... twice. Once at a roundabout where I misjudged a gap and also when doing a parallel park where I didn't find the bite point and I nearly crashed into a fence.

But the test itself went well; my examiner did a lot to keep my relaxed, which help me massively. Also, my manoeuvre was a 3 point turn (#bingo).

Now it's just about driving on my own, in my own car. I'm both excited and nervous about it. I've spoken to a lot of people about it and when you drive on your own, because you don't feel pressured into pleasing someone (like an instructor/examiner) you are relax more and therefore drive better.

Once I get my car, I'm going to do so much driving - just driving around places, to the shops, to the cricket club. I'm going to try a motorway drive with my Dad first, then on my own. Fingers crossed all goes well :)

Day as a whole went well... I cooked chicken curry for Seb as my third and final meal of the week (was quite nice :)) - I didn't say yesterday what I cooked Tuesday - which was Fajitas in which I improvised a little as I bought the wrong sachet (silly me - but he still liked it ;))

Anyways, I've got to pack and sleep so I'll speak to you tomorrow) Peace :)