Posted by khrishan on 2011-07-21

I went paintballing a very long time ago, and have plans of painballing again - at some point.

The first time that I went paintballing was way back in 2011. Here's the certificate to prove it.

The certificate I got when we finished paintballing.

We went as a group, as part of a Groupon offer, with a few mates from my school. We were playing against a whole group of school kids (which we were surpised at seeing as we were always told that you had school kids couldn't go paintballing. Turns out as long as you fill in enough paperwork, you can).

It was really fun. The best part of it, from what I remember, was the last event, 'Capture the Flag', where we were trying to get through all our remaining paintballs, in the attempt to capture the opposing teams flag.

We won! Here is the team photo that we took as winners!

Our winning paintballing team.

Obviously my plan is to go paintballing again.

Thanks for reading! x