Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-22

Good Evening, Hope you've all had a great day.

As you be able guess from the blog title, we have a site logo! This is thanks to my uni friend and placement colleague Karan Kharay (check him out if you get the chance).

The logo has more significant meaning behind it, so here's the explination:

<b/>Shield : To protect. Also we had a house shield at my Junior School, which resembles the same shape.

KPS : It is my screen name for everything. I came up with the 'nickname' from my first Design & Technology project at QMGS. It was a badge project where we could put our initials (up to 3 letters). I didn't know much about apostrophes when I was 11, so it's meant to say 'Khrishan Patel'S'. I got an A* on that project so can't complain :)

Computer Screen : My degree, the industry I want to work in, in the future...

Cricket Stumps : Cricket is my favourite sport. I am a wicket keeper batsman who (at the moment) plays for Wednesbury CC. This particular image was teh logo of the first ever full blown program that I made (Cricket Scoring Program - A Level Computing) (#Great name)

Banner : The banner symbolises my love for quotes. Live, Breathe, Succeed is just one of many that I love and try to apply. Live : Live for the moment, cause you don't know when it will be your last. Breathe : Fitness Orientated Succeed : Strive for Perfection

So that's my logo :) Hope you all like it. Any comments on it, please feel free to message me and let me know your thoughts on it. Thanks again to Karan for designing it for me.

Back to by day, my day went okay but slow... it is the real grind to Christmas... just can't wait for this week off, just so I can recharge my batteries. Also, so I can see my friends back home :)

Not much happened form my side, hopefully more can happen tomorrow. Have a good day tomorrow. Peace :)