Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-25

Merry Christmas To All!!! Hope you are all well and are have had a brilliant christmas. All things considered, I think mine is going pretty well too :)

Well, first I’ll start with my presents and what some amazing people got me. I got a wireless speaker (which is what I’ve been using today even though I don’t need to :P), ‘Original’ Top Gear DVDs (#RIP), a remote controlled helicopter, Interstellar DVD, a Topman voucher, Cobra Beer set and Money. There is another present, a big present to come but a present that big deserves its own blog post #watchThisSpace.

But thanks to the Williams’, my cousins and my parents for all my presents. They mean a lot, thank you :)

I also cooked Christmas Dinner this year, which went very very very well :) My pigs in blankets were especially good :) Just the mash potato was a bit dodgy (thats right people from the south, we eat mash potato as well as roast potatoes on Christmas Day - deal with it! :P) I blame my father for that though, he bought baking potatoes which take FOREVER to boil… everything else was ready, I didn’t really want mash potato, so I served it ‘quite lumpy’ :/

I also washed up (#domesticated). Other than that, I’ve watched TV and played around not doing much, like most Christmas’. Not much to say really, it’s been a lazy christmas, just how I like it :)

Anyways, hope you all had a great christmas and I’ll see you tomorrow :) Chao!