Posted by khrishan on 2016-05-22

After the cricket, we went back to the club and saw Man U beat Palace. The win meant Europa League football for Man U (and a trophy obviously). After the win, reports started circling that Mourinho would become the next United boss (writing was on the wall for Van Gall really - no Champions League = no next season)

I still haven’t made my mind up about Mourinho and Man Utd - its either going to work amazingly - or fail miserably - whatever the case, next season is going to be fierce with the quality of managers at the top clubs (and thats not including Leicester) - bring on next season. (Lets not talk about Walsall ey…)

In the evening, I went to Lasan - the Indian Restaurant that won the ‘Best Local Restaurant’ by Gordon Ramsay’s F Word - all in aid of my cousin’s birthday. Here’s the photo of that F Word trophy... (see right)

I will be totally honest I totally forgot that we were going out (until I saw the texts from everyone at cricket (Sorry Dip :P)) and had no idea we were going to Lasan. I watched every episode of the F Word when they won it and have been meaning to go there. 

Now, this review isn’t a professional restaurant critic review. Perhaps because I haven’t been exposed to ‘fine dining’ but I wasn’t impressed at all by the restaurant or the service that was given at Lasan.

Don’t get me wrong, the food was good, well cooked and tasted really really well - so theres nothing wrong with the food. However, with the same respect, there was nothing ‘special’ about the food either.

The staters were ‘glorified’ starters that you’d get from any Indian Restaurant/Take Away (Bhajia, Pathra, Potato)/(Chicken Tikka, Sheesh Kebab, Fish Pakora) - is what they were.

There was a long wait between our starters (which weren’t very filling) to our mains - and the mains were a lot of dishes thrown on the table - basically dishes I am used to from other curry houses/from home.

The food was good, and perhaps because we went as a large group, we weren’t able to properly ‘order off the menu’ which is where the real meals and creativity begin.

I’d like to give Lasan’s another go, perhaps in a smaller group where we can order off a menu but as a first experience though - I wasn’t impressed.