Life Update November 2016

Posted by khrishan on 2016-11-16

WOW! It’s been a long time since I last posted on here (31st August?!). What have I been doing with my life since then…


Well the main thing is that I am back at University! I’m completing my final year of my Computer Science degree… and (what is quite evident) - it has kept me very busy. I do three modules this year, three modules next year and a group project over the two terms.

It's going quite well at the moment. The modules this term are Networks, Cryptography and Cognitive. (The actual name of the modules are quite long and I don't think you would care ;) :P).

Networks has been the easiest so far but Cryptography has been the most fun to learn. We did an assessment where we decrypted text that had been encrypted using various different ciphers - which was very cool. The Cognitive module was a mistake (if I'm being brutally honest) - its very 'biology-y' and not very IT so I do wish I chose another module... but its done now so I'm just powering through it.

That quote about "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" is so true when it comes to studying... I like learning about Networks and Crypto as I'm leaning stuff that is happening on a day to day basis in terms of IT... but learning about something I'm never going to use... GRRRRR!!!

It's safe to say I'm not going to miss the studying when I leave University. I mean, I do love to learn - I have a list of things I want to 'learn/relearn/brush up' such as Touch Typing, C/C++, Python, JQuery... but instead I'm learning about the format of an IP v4 Datagram (which I know for a fact I will never need to remember cause the real world has Google!).

I've been more social this year even though I'm in my final year. I think its down to having a good house who are part of different societies. For example, two of them are part of the Economics Society and I have been out on two socials with that society. Even with cricket, I've been out more. We've had a good crop of social freshers so I will be gutted when I leave that aspect of University behind. :( (Pub Golf is an instant winner!)

Grad Job

One big thing that happened in October was that I got offered a job role back with Eli Lilly. It was weird going back and 'being interviewed' but I'm so over the moon that I got asked back :). What makes it sweeter is that I've got a job role with my old team - so I'll be going back into an environment that I am used to.

It's great hearing other people talk about filling out job applications, doing online tests while I'm sitting pretty with my job offer. It means I can focus more on my degree...


I might only be 22 but this may be the old man in me coming to roost early. A small group of the cricket guys and I play golf every Sunday. We are members of Boughton Golf Club. Boughton have a main course and an 'academy' course, which is essentially a Par 3, pitch and putt number. With our Gold Memberships (that we have to get to use the sport facilities at the University), we can pay an extra £100 and get unlimited golf!

We play every Sunday round the main 18 and we have occasionally played round the academy midweek to help cure our hangovers from the socials :P. We've got a fair few of our friends 'into' golf and play with us from time to time as our 'guests' (but that's normally around the Par 3 course)...

I currently play (very badly) off a 28 handicap. The 'golf guys' (as I will cringely refer to them as from now on) and I are planning to go on a golf holiday to Spain after our exams - which requires us to have a handicap card. I think it gets a bit serious when you have a 'Handicap Card'.


What about this old thing then? Its been so long since I last posted - what are my plans for it? Do I even use my website?

Well, away from prying eyes, I have been using my website very regularly. I track all my finances using the microsite that I have created. (You guys can't see it obviously as its all password protected). I am planning to do a post on it - but probably more when my finances look a little better :P (and when I have some time as well). But here is a snapshot of what I spend my money on split by category

What some of you may see is a new link in the menu bar - which is my new idea as to how I want to take my website forward.

Bucket List

So I've had the idea of a creating a bucket list for AGES. Then there came a point where I have an actual list on my phone of things I wanted to do. But I wanted to 'document' the stuff I did that I checked it off my bucket list. In addtion, it may seem obvious, but I find it hard to blog... hard to decide what to write, what not to write etc etc (Also, my English/typing is awful). All the 'how to blog' websites (and YouTubers) say that if you do want to blog... have a topic, have something specific you talk about... and talk about it... if you post regularly and if the market is niche enough, you will succeed. Blogging about my relatively boring life isn't interesting and also I don't really want to be one of those who has their 'whole' life on the internet.

So I did a Google Search to get BucketList ideas and came across this website (Essentially what I thought was an original idea - wasn't that original :/). But I used this site as inspiration and have created my own layout on my website. Bucket List Journey was created by a lady called Annette White and she has a MASSIVE bucket list where she ticks off things that she's done.

And thats what I'm going to do... When I have checked something off my bucket list, it is my prerogative to write a blog post about said 'adventure' and then 'check it off' the list and use the blog post as 'proof'. Now if you do look at the list - there are a lot of things I have already done. And I am in the process/I will be in the process of writing blog posts with the evidence that I have checked them off - but with University and everything - it might be a while till I have them all done (so Watch This Space :))


I do have another idea for my website - which is related to University work but it will be a while till that is up and running (and it might be password protected yet).

So thats my life update! Hopefully it wont be as long as it was previously before I post again - if it is - I apologise :(

Have a good day! (and thanks for reading this :))