KNIME Spring Summit - Day 2

Posted by khrishan on 2016-02-25

Evening all…

Day 1 was so packed that I slept straight though my first alarm and woke up for the second one… so no workout for me today. Went down to breakfast earlier (as there as an earlier start) and then headed to the conference.

Today, the talks were talks a lot more technical - and i’ll be honest - a lot more over my head. But on the bits I could understand, I found interesting.

There were a few highlights, (this one I tweeted in fact), where a ‘mail order clothing company’ from Germany, used KNIME to analyse what were peoples spending habits. They started by seeing how much money was spent initially by shoppers where they had ‘multiple business’ - (the more they spend, the more likely they’ll shop with you again). THEN they looked at what people bought for their repeated business - and from that tailored their emails to match what the data was saying… this led to increased business and a profits increase of 1.5 million euro! To me, thats insane - essentially, its free marketing (and what a better world we would live in if we could make that a reality… ;))

Another highlight was a gentleman called Brian Muckmore. His speech was more about having a platform where you can but KNIME and all its dependancies in one executable (shipping container theory) but the highlight was when he mentioned what his ‘favourite’ node was… turns our it was the “2D/3D Scatter Plot’ node, which Tom my colleague pointed out, was developed by the Chemist I work very close with! His exact words were ‘it’s a sexy node’. I went up to him in the break and spoke to him and he gave me some feedback which I will obviously pass on. #smallWorld

Then came the big name speaker. Dean Abbott. Now, what he was talking about (Data Mining, Random Shuffling) went completely over my head however he was a very skilled presenter (even though he was American). He came out with one great acronym… YACK which stands for Yet Another Creative way of using KNIME - which I thought was not only funny but very true.

The evenings ‘entertainment’ was a ‘beer tasting’. KNIME had invited a local brewery, who bought 6 beers/ales for us to try. Safe to say I tried all 6 (#lad), but the one thing i didn’t know till now was that IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale (totally just asked Tom what it meant again… :P).

Now what did all 6 taste like, honestly I can’t remember. Thats not because I was drunk, but because although I could tell there were subtle differences, it didn’t bother me - they could have tasted all the same to me. The wheat one was more gassy though… we had to let it settle for like 10 minutes before we drank it. Heres a photo of all 6 beers


Safe to say it was another successful day. :) Night x