June 2017 Update

Posted by khrishan on 2017-06-23

WOW its been a long time since I’ve posted on here. A lot has happened since. Theresa May has lost her majority, England U20s have won the World Cup and Pakistan won the ICC Champions Trophy! Suppose I should go into the big things that have gone on in my life...


I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED UNIVERSITY!!! I have graduated with a First Class Degree in Computer Science from the University of Kent.

I have mixed emotions about this. First, I’m happy about my grade - I’ve got the grade that will keep my ‘stereotypical Asian’ father quiet for some time to come. But theres a part of me that reflects on the whole concept and seems a bit ‘underwhelmed’ by it.

Kent was not my first choice University. After my calamitous A Level results, I was left searching for a place at University through clearing. This is after being rejected to going to Oxford whilst applying for places at University. Had I gone to a Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Durham kind of university - would I have achieved the same result? I suppose I’ll never know - but deep down - no matter how ‘good’ my grade was - there will always be a part of me wondering what could have been.

Bottom line is that it’s a piece of paper with a grade on it. Although the grade on there, to some extent, shows how much work and effort you put into your degree, its what you do with it that matters. I know so many people with no degree/not firsts who have still achieved so much in their lives. So its time to put the hammer down and crack on.

Whilst I will miss the university lifestyle, the one thing I absolutely hated at University was studying - well thats not technically correct - I hated University studying.

What do I mean? Well, for my exams, I had to study some pointless rubbish! And I mean pointless. Yes - I did choose what modules I did, but the one bug bare I have about any Computer Science degree is the notion of exams.

At work, and in life I suppose, if I do not know the answer for something - I Google it! Why does one need to know the layout of an IPv4 header, off by heart, when in the real world - all I have to do is Google it and its there?!


‘Officially’, I finished University on the 31st May 2017. I start work on the 3rd July 2017. So I’ve had/got a month before I become a ‘real boy in the real world’ - which is a scary thought!

Whilst I will miss the university lifestyle so having so much free time, waking up at stupid o’clock, all those house parties etc etc - I am really really looking forward to going back to work (I guess I’ll be saying something different in a few months :P).


So what about this old thing? Well with my new found free time - I have invested some of it into this website - when I haven’t been playing cricket/golf or roasting in the 25+ degree heat we’ve been having here in the UK.


First up is the Logo. I am in talks with a design firm in designing a new logo - which I’m planning to use for a wider purpose. That process is in the final stages so hopefully the results will be coming soon.

(It has nothing to do with the fact that ‘Succeed’ is spelt incorrectly - which to be honest - I only noticed a few months back when someone was ‘critiquing’ my website).


I need to read more books. Full Stop. So watch out for more book reviews.

Bucket List

So this subject has been brought to my attention - a LOT - normally it turns up when someone brings up the fact I have a website.

What they do is that they go through the items on my bucket list and say ‘OMG YOU HAVEN’T DONE THAT’ and sometimes my response is - ‘yeah I have - just haven’t put up the evidence yet’ - so expect a lot of blog posts referencing things to do with the bucket list. (Also because I’m block writing a lot of posts - in order to catch up).

Another thing I want to do is write a blog posts with all the quotes I’ve ‘collated’ at University (in my Final Year) - thats in the pipeline.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Watch this space for the next one. :) x