Jazz Night

Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-17

Good morning Internet... I got back late last night hence and was quite tired, so fell into bed hence no blog post ... But here it is :)

I travelled to Basingstoke yesterday for work. We were supposed to have a training session and so I therefore booked meetings around that one but as it got cancelled, I literally went there for those meetings. My day was pretty good :) I feel (if the opportunity arose) that I could work for Lilly there (oh, for those who don't know, Lilly IT grads work in Basingstoke)... The only thing that would 'stop me' would be the fact that very little coding is done (or will be done in the role), which is what I'm enjoying the most in my placement :)

An interesting story is one that involves a 'hot desk'. A 'hot desk' is a desk in which all the peripherals are there, all you need to is plug your laptop in and away you go, which are free for anyone to use. I got to work around 8... And sat at a hot desk... Then, about 10/10:30am someone came to the desk (who just came to work) and claimed the desk as his... Little bit awkward and annoying that I got moved from a 'hot desk' but I didn't want to cause trouble...

My meetings progressed well including getting some good feedback from people I am working with :) It all sounds promising...

I got a lift back with George (#shoutout) and he dropped us off into town where we moved the night to Artigiano, where Jazz night occurred...

I've never felt so middle class in all my life! Drinking cocktails with nibbles, eating a 'pizza bread' (I thought that's what pizza was) and listening to some jazz music... They even gave us out own performance... How riveting :)

I wish I could appreciate music more that I do (or maybe I don't... Let me explain...) the musicians may have been making so many mistakes that I probably wasn't aware of... But as I didn't catch on to them...I enjoyed the music a lot more :)

They had a keyboard, clarinet and a saxophone (oh how I'd love to play a saxophone - if you do, you are instantly my friend :P)...

We did meet a couple in there that we met at a pub quiz, who were on their first date then... I'm not sure they realised but yesterday was their exact one month anniversary (#cute)

The final topic I should talk about Jazz Night is the drinks I had... I spent £30 last night (inc £10 on pizza) so £20 on prices drinks... One thing I found was that although they were nice drinks... There wasn't that much of them... 3 gulps and gone! I assume if you went for that approach, you'd be 'utterly plastered' - but could have done so easily... Shame I wasn't a) loaded and b) drinking on a work night

That was the night, spent listening to lovely music, with lovely people :)

Onto today's activities... :) Have a good day :) Peace :)