Ice Hockey

Posted by khrishan on 2018-09-08

I've never really got into Ice Hockey - and I think the main reason for this is that it is predominately an American sport.

I got the chance to go witness my first ever Ice Hockey game, way back when in 2012. I was in Alabama attending Space Camp. After a little Googling, I found out that I went to watch the Alabama - Huntsville Chargers - what I do remember is that they lost like 5-1 (i.e. they got battered).

Here are the photos that I do have, the two memories that stand out is the one where there was a 'staged fight', as well as meeting the Hooters girls.

Now, that I have moved to Basingstoke, rather weirdly, I've got a new ice hockey team to support - whom are called the Basingstoke Bison!

I've seen them a few times now, and as such, have managed to learn a few of the rules of Ice Hockey. The one main difference (that I care about at least), between European Ice Hockey and American Ice Hockey, is that fighting is allowed in American Ice Hockey - whereas it isn't in European Ice Hockey. :(

The great thing about haivng a local ice hockey team is that as part of the ticket, once the match has been completed, we have the chance to rent some skates (for no additional cost), and skate on the ice for free! Well, I say skate, but its more of a "slide and fall over - a lot" at the momemnt - but I hope with more practice I'll get there.

View from the Basingstoke Bison Stands

Thanks for reading :) x