Posted by khrishan on 2016-02-28

Good evening people, if one plane trip wasn’t enough… I’ve only gone and booked another (well I didn’t book it, but i’m going on it… you get the gist…)

So a few friends and I have (finally, after much consideration and deliberation) decided to go on holiday to Morocco, in June for 7 days :) Now, the eagle people among you may question our choice. Morocco - majority muslim country… June = Ramadan… are you insane?

The answer is no. We’ve read a lot of blogs about the issue and its all pukka. The locals are really nice, and as long as you aren’t shoving food, water down your throat in their presence, they don’t mind. So we’re not insane ;)

I am so excited! I haven’t been on a proper summer holiday since 2012 I think (correct me if I’m wrong) but even so, it was only to Devon - nothing ‘exotic’… it’s going to be amazing.

Which leaves one thing… me. Although I’ve been going to the gym, and getting/seeing results… I think its time to take this stuff a little more seriously. They say that ’Gym isn’t a hobby, its a lifestyle’ so far, I’ve been treating it like a hobby.

My idea of the dream holiday is to be drinking from the minute I wake up, to the minute I go to sleep, lying in the sun/pool… with the odd excursion (perhaps read a book). I need to ‘prepare my body’, and to do that, I’m going to, finally, change my lifestyle… #holidayBod

Now before people get on my back… this doesn’t mean counting calories, tracking what I eat with a comb, only eating protein etc… but it does mean having a meal plan, sticking to the meal plan, but with the occasional treat here and there. So in essence, when I am responsible for my meal, I will eat whatever it says on my meal plan.

I’ve built my meal plan based on YouTube/Bodybuilding.com/Google research… so it’s not a PT giving me a designed plan… we’ll see how it goes. As the blogs go on, I will reveal the plan… and if any of you have any suggestions, please let me know (@kps1994)

In addition to this, I really need to curb my spending, so I can afford to pay for the holiday, buy clothes/shoes, and have spending money… without help from my parents… so saving money is big.

So currently, I am cooking my lunch for the next 3 days… in the future, I will do this for the whole week (but seeing as I’m only in office till Wednesday… no point doing it for the whole week).

So watch this space, hopefully, when I feel happy with my body, I will release a progress pic (on here) so only avid followers will see my progress.

Apart from holiday/meal planning, I haven’t done a lot. I went to the gym and did legs and that went really well (squatted a PB) which I’m pleased about… and yeah… back to the grind at work tomorrow.

Have a good night, speak soon. Peace :) x