Posted by khrishan on 2016-06-11

Today was the big day! Our summer holiday to Marrakesh!. All packed from the night before, I set off to work ‘later’ than anticipated (thanks to the few cocktails we had the night before). Got onto the later train and made our way to work.

We set our bags at the gatehouse and then began the longest wait for 2:30pm, when our taxi was to work.

When it finally came, we got into the taxi and off we went. 

Check in at the airport was smooth, security was smooth but I was ‘randomly asked for a hand swab’ (#typical :P) and then began the wait for our flight.

(This part of the story may be a bit bland) but I’m telling cause of the best ever croissant I had from PRET. It was a chocolate but cause it was still warm it was still gooey inside (bliss).

We got called to our flight and not so soon after we began our three hour flight to Marrakesh.

We were sat at the very front of the plane, which has its pros and cons. One of the pros is more leg room - enough to fully stretch and not annoy the person in front (cause there is no one in front of you). You’re always first to the cart with all the food (however on a Thompson flight, you have to pay for everything - so not a bonus on this one). The major downside was that you were right next to the toilet. Why is this not a positive? Cause as soon as the ‘remove seatbelt sign’ goes off, every Tom Dick, Harry and their dog comes to the loo. I don’t get why either? There was a toilet directly before the gate - and no drinks were handed out before take off. That teamed with the all the airline staff moving around getting people’s drinks or more ice… you were constantly in the way of others and those that were waiting for the loo were ‘just in the way’. The flight was only 3 hours so it wasn’t a long time suffering.

We landed and the warmth was amazing! (and it was 9pm local time - Marrakesh were an hour behind for Ramadan). It wasn’t a killer heat, but a nice gentle warm heat - roughly 23 degrees. We got through security and then we were in the mayhem of getting on the right coach.

We were told to go on coach 2 (which inconveniently wasn’t the 2nd coach in line -.-), with the hotel (and beds waiting), we were driven to the Hotel Riu Tikida Garden.

When we got there, it was paradise. We were greeted with Passion Fruit in champagne flutes (and an airport style security check) and were shepherded into the main hall where we had dinner. Buffet. Moroccan. Delicious. :)

I’ll do more of a ‘hotel guide’ in tomorrows blog as this one is quite long already but what I will say is that we got lost getting to our rooms. We have three rooms all in line of one another (which is a bonus). I was in the room with all the lads and after brushing our teeth, watching a bit of boring TV, realising we can’t connect to wifi in our rooms, the other two lads winded down whilst I started on the backlog of blog posts to write. As of writing this, its currently 1:44am local time. So I’ll upload these tomorrow (and change the date through magic)…  Watch this space :) x