Posted by khrishan on 2016-01-01

As the title states, Happy New Year to all of you! Hope you have an amazing one! Work hard, play even harder ;)

My New Years Night was pretty great.

The first thing I did was drive to the Williams’ (which went well) - #didntCrash :)

Then myself, Ben and his friends Dave and Dean went to Jess’/Rob’s (Ben’s other friends) for a evening in to greet the new year - which was amazing.

We played Articulate which was HILARIOUS!!! (Highlight: Trying to explain the action ‘withdraw’) :P In addition, we also played Cards Against Humanity which was also amazing! First time i played it, with a very pro Cards Against Humanity group of people - I came last in terms of score, but the jokes were hilarious.

Then Jess/Rob/Dean went to sleep, and Ben, Dave and I plugged in Rob’s XBOX 360 and played Tiger Woods (amazing I won) then the guys played Halo (I fell asleep by then - which was 5am)

Overall really great night. Simple yet effective.

P.S Happy Birthday Lauren :) x