Posted by khrishan on 2016-02-08

Now I know what you’re thinking… but I’ll get to it, promise… ;)

Good evening all, hope you are well. Back to daily blogging, hope you had a great Monday. This Monday for be has been good and extremely busy for me. I got some even more great news from work but first of all, whats with the blog post title…?

Thanks to Lilly, my manager, my director and a host of other people, I am going to be going to Germany at the end of February - all on the company!

I shall be attending the KNIME UGM, where I will meet the KNIME developers - people who develop a tool I use at Lilly, and talk KNIME basically.

I’m SO SO nervous. First of all, its in Germany, Berlin to be precise. WTF will I do there - other than the conference?! Do I chill in the hotel? do I go for a wander? what happens if I get lost? I’m travelling by plane to Germany… haven’t been on a plane since 2013 (and even then I went with School - this is me going on my own - kind of).

The event itself should be pretty cool. KNIME is built on top of Eclipse (a Java IDE) and is used in data analytics.

So theres that to look forward to on the blog #watchThisSpace

What else happened at work - well I got some info on some new projects I shall be working on coming soon. (one that involves more coding and regular trips to the Basingstoke site :S ) Another one, is to do with metrics to do with KNIME as well as another database entry of another tool. SO busy busy busy…

We did get one issue which has been driving me crazy since Friday. The long of the short of it is that I wrote some code for some database entry, we gave the work to the client and she couldn’t run it. This was because of access rights (fine - give her access rights all will work - no). However, the client and I had identical access rights and yet it worked for me and not for her -.-

We reviewed on Monday and till no fix. It has ended up with a very long email chain including some very senior people trying to fix the issue I have :S

Thankfully (or not thankfully) I am not in office tomorrow - I am at a school’s open day - so the email inbox of Wednesday is going to be lots of fun! (Yay!!!!)

A lot of my life at this moment is work. Work and Gym (rest day today - although I have done some bicep curls - no idea why). I feel like I need to branch out a little, but we’ll see what is down the line for me.

Anyways, I’m going to proof read this then go to sleep. Peace :)