Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-28

*** RETRO POST *** Today, I spent the afternoon with my friends from QM, where we went to play FootGolf. FootGolf is weird. I’ve worked out, you don’t have to actually have to be any good at football - to be good at FootGolf.

One thing to note, from my footballing career, was that I wasn’t a very good ‘kicker’ of the ball. I was however (#beingModest) a good goalkeeper. I could stop shots, I would dive at people’s feet but the one thing I couldn’t do was kick a ball - which I thought would be ‘quite important’ when you play footGolf (seeing as you are kicking a ball into a hole - rather than using a club - for those who don’t know how FootGold works)… turns out - not really :P

Safe to say - I won - easily (even with my ‘dodgy counting’). I’ll be honest - I did play safe - a lot - and the other lads went for it… but one thing I remember from the Spencer FC video when he did FootGolf, its about keeping it flat. If you kick the ball aerially, its just going to keep going and going - as there is no one to stop it at the other end #topTip.

It was good to see everyone and see what they’re up to. Jujhar has a job lined up for next year, thanks to a successful summer internship, Ismail is looking for placements in Pharma (like I was - not Pharma in particular but IT etc etc), Gurjeavan is doing his dissertation on the Roberto Carlos ‘banana’ free kick, Navnit is doing second year (so will graduate when I do #hopefully) and Abdul was revising for his exams (which he hadn’t been to lectures for). Funny story about Abdul (Bob)…

So Bob wasn’t supposed to come out with us, his family have just moved into a new house (really nice house as well) so he was helping his Mom build a wardrobe… we went to pick up Gurjeavan who decided he wanted to walk into Walsall town from Willenhall - it turns out he lives very close to the Williams’ so I know that walk is AGES! Ismail and I picked him up, and he said he needed to go into Town to buy a Secret Santa gift (long story - not worth it). We went to Waterstones, and decided to walk through Wilkinsons to get back to the car park - WHERE WE SAW BOB! (He was buying wall plugs for the wardrobe).

He needed to go to B&Q for some more stuff, so Ismail said we’d drop him off… #bigMistake.

The traffic at the Junction 9 stores were ‘MAD!’ It took us 90 minutes to get from Walsall Town Centre - to Walsall Town Centre - MAD! Safe to say, we were late to Jujhar’s and missed the first 9 holes of our round of FootGolf - but nevertheless - a fun experience as all ways :)