Completed Pokemon Red - Would I Kill Baby Hitler - Random Blog Post

Posted by khrishan on 2016-02-27

Good evening everyone. Hope you are all well. Safe to say I went straight to sleep when I got home last night. I woke up at a reasonable hour this morning and this is the tale I have to tell…

So I went to the gym and did really really well. It was Chest/Triceps day and I PB’d in every exercise :). The only thing I was a little annoyed at was by in ability to to tricep dips - unassisted. I’ll get there, eventually. But it’s frustrating cause I don’t think its because I can’t handle by body weight… its just that my elbows lock then I can’t do anything -.-

Did a little shopping with Hannah (Sports Direct is a nightmare), got some food from Sainsbury’s (Cooked Chicken Thighs for 80p - can’t complain) and headed back home.

As the first part of the title suggests, I have completed Pokémon Red, evidence shown below:


I have a few other projects lined up so I’m putting Pokémon on the back burner for now - but do hope to have the fully random experience at some point :)

Apart from that, I haven’t done anything that significant together, but I have come up with an idea…

The idea is to discuss a topic point, an article I’ve read that day and talk about that in the blog post. This is because a) I don’t want this blog to stagnate, but b) I hope this will make me a ‘more rounded person’. As a result, whenever you see ‘Random Blog Post’ in the title, it means there is a discussion topic, that isn’t related to my life…

As is the case with me, I have gone controversial from the get go. This question I first saw on my favourite YouTuber’s (2nd) channel, Spencer Owen… which was inspired by a Tweet sent by NYT Magazine… and the question today is:

If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it?

Now the dilemma posed is complex. You have the chance to save millions of peoples lives that all died from WWII, which is obviously a good thing, but when you returned, no one would know what you did (cause they would never know who Hitler was or what he did), you’d walk down the street and say ‘I prevented a World War’, ‘How’, ‘By killing a baby…’ - not going to go down well, even though you know it was a very good thing you did. On the other hand, if you don’t - you still live in the world you live in today, but you know you had the chance to make a real difference - and you didn’t.

Here’s my response to the question: Would I kill baby Hitler? No.

Why? Killing Hitler, you remove a major part of history. The whole world we live in, will change, for sure. First thing, would Britain be as well off as it is, if there were no Hitler? From what I learnt, we all pulled together to help make guns, the evacuations, the rations, the smart people who won the war for us, we built allies… all gone without Hitler.

Next point (bit grim this one), statistically, by killing Hitler, you are letting millions of other people live (very nice). What are the odds, that maybe one of them, would be as bad a Hitler, maybe worse? Whose to say that someone else would have taken Hitler’s reign as the lead Nazi? Hitler may have been the ring leader, but it took a lot more than one person to be the ‘nazis’… what do you think? Let me know, my twitter @kps1994

Thats all from me tonight - should have some news tomorrow, so hold tight for that. Until then, peace :) x