Comedy Night

Posted by khrishan on 2016-02-16

*** RETRO POST ***

As the others in the Lilly EW Student group went to watch Deadpool, I chose to go to comedy night. I went to the first one in January and absolutely enjoyed it, so I thought why not. I did go to the gym first and did back/biceps (not for the ladies before anyone says anything). Housemate Hannah and I went to Nandos before hand as both an post workout meal - oh my lord was it amazing.

I had what I usual had, chicken livers with a Portuguese Roll (which is just a brick in my opinion), but the livers alone were amazing. Is it gains to eat liver? I don’t really know :?

Afterwards, I went to Milk (thats the name of the bar) for the comedy night. Now for those who don’t know what it is/don’t want to read the post from January, its a night where stand up comics (some well known, some not so well known) try out new jokes, new material and see what reactions they get. To me, this is part of the enjoyment and the attraction of the whole event - cause you never know what you are going to get. Also, for £5, you can’t really complain.

I arrived and the host (or comparé) who was sorting out the tickets/money, recognised me (which I think is worrying cause he could pick me for one of his sets - he didn’t). However, the reason he did recognise me (this of which I am almost certain), was that I was the only brown person in the whole room. (Don’t jump on your moral high horse, its just an observation)

As I was on my own, I sat at the back - turns out this is where the comics sit/prepare before they go on stage. (It was also next to the bar ;)). The reason I point this out is because of the annoying woman who was sitting in front of me.

She was - to say the least - a fidgeter. She just wouldn’t stop moving! And as she wasn’t the smallest of women (she wasn’t fat, just wasn’t thin enough where moving would be such a drama - just wanted to point that out). Anyway, she kept blocking my view of the stage. This meant I had to keep moving my head to see the stage, which must have meant people behind me had to keep moving. I felt so guilty - but this wasn’t my fault - it was all hers. (Turns out she was the ‘entourage’ of the comedian I thought was good - and she left after he has done his set - so the view path was free for the headline act.

Like I said, the comedy was good, one guy stood out, an Irish guy called Ryan McDonnell. Also the first act was good (Jake Lambert was his name) - however his jokes were more ‘rough’, but thats part and parcel of the night.

March’s comedy night is the 3 year anniversary of the event, in which there will be ‘more well known’ comedians (one from Mock the Week the comparé said) - we shall see… :)

I had 4 beers (which was a lot) now that I’m thinking back on it. I had a McDonalds on the way back (naughty I know), but oh my word it tasted good. I think I’ve got a craving for it now - but I go to the gym - so I’m allowed a cheat day once in a while.

So that its on record, I have a McChicken Sandwich meal along with two Mayo chickens (so there is protein there!!!)