Comedy at Milk

Posted by khrishan on 2016-01-19

*** RETRO POST ***

So I went to a comedy night in Reading (thanks Hannah for finding it in the first place). It was held at a little club called ‘Milk’ - which is a rum bar (weirdly).

There were a few different comedians on show, one headline act and thee others who were ‘trying out material’. Two of those comedians were really funny, but the other one’s jokes were very dry and didn’t make the crowd laugh. (#awks) But in essence thats what you get at those gigs, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… also for £5, you can’t complain.

The headline act was a Scottish guy called Paul Pirie who told me I look like I’m going to murder someone (#crowdParticipation) - also I was the only brown guy there (but lets not read into that…)

Overall, really good night… definitely will do again.