Breaking 100

Posted by khrishan on 2017-09-24

Since my third and final year at University, I have taken up golf a bit more seriously than I have ever done previously. And like any other sport I have ever played in my entire life, I want to be the world's greatest to have ever played the sport. (:P)

Golf, no matter how much people slate it, it is an extremely difficult game to play. You have to master many different disciplines, which you may be called on to use at any point in a single round. To get really good, I strongly believe lessons are the best way to improve at a good rate. However, golf lessons cost a lot of money - so whilst I don't have the disposable income just yet, I'm going to stick to YouTube videos! :P

So, my overall aim is to shoot a round under par. But I am a LONG way off that dream (I can't even use a Driver/3 wood properly). So, my first aim was to shoot a score less than 100, then to do it consistently.

To make this challenge more difficult, I decided it would be a good idea if I achieved this goal by only using irons (and a putter for the greens).

As of writing this blog post, I have achieved this goal three times. Although, there have been a lot a rounds between these low scores. According to my friends, one of them doesn't count, whereas the other two are 'genuine sub 90' rounds of golf. Here are the rounds :

Parc Golf Course | 11th Feb 2017 | 96

So, this is the 'contentious' round as it occurred on a 'short and easy' par 69 course. In addition, this was the first round that I had done that was below 100 - so some people didn't believe me (but the proof is there and my friend can verify that the round did occur.)

Chilworth Golf Course | 27th Jun 2017 | 95

So this was 'genuine sub 100 round', as it occurred on a larger course in Southampton. (even though its still a par 69). I hit the 'back 9' of my life to pull of the score. Also, if there are any more sceptics out there, below is the GAME GOLF map of all 18 holes - so you can see how I played.

Birds Hill Golf Course | 12th Aug 2017 | 99

This was my most recent 'sub 100' round which was with my work colleagues - on a local par 72 course. They both had better handicaps than I did, and at the turn I thought I had a chance of winning (as I was only 2 shots off the lead). But then, Alex decided to play golf and pretty much didn't give the rest of us a chance from the 12th hole onwards. It was probably my first 'really competitive round of golf’. However, it turned out that I couldn’t count as I thought Mike and I were level going into the last (which we weren’t :P)

Here are the GAME Golf images of the round also.

Since, then, I have shot 105, 106 and 119 - which shows that if you don't play often enough, you can lose it and play dreadfully. Now that it is the winter, and my cricket season is over, I can look forward to evening and weekends on the range / on the course improving my technique. So watch this space.

Thanks for reading :) x