Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-14

OMD! Before I even get started about the actual blog post I had planned, I've GOT to tell you what I've just achieved...


This means I can type my blog posts (including this one) on my site directly (you guys don't have access to the 'blog entry' page - if you wish to try) and the framework will create my blog page for me. Thats why it's taken me till 00:20 to type this post.

This is really exciting for me, as this is a major step towards making my site 'publishable'. What do I mean by 'publishable'? Basically, I haven't really told anyone about my site yet... I haven't broadcasted that it is here yet. Only once I am happy with it, both technically and aesthetically will I let people know about it, but this is a big step for sure.

Next is the side nav bar :S Not sure how to organise the posts into dates yet :S Thats future Khrishan's problem :P

ANYWAY, back to the actual blog I had planned.

December has gone SO quickly its a joke... just think about it... CHRISTMAS DAY is NEXT WEEK :O... WTF?!?!? I better get Christmas shopping soon ey ;) :P

It's Monday so I went back to work. For those who don't know, our site shuts over the christmas period, and I think everyone is getting ready for the break, so it's flat in our office.

The start of my day didn't go so well, with one of my projects hitting a brick wall (head on) :'( I hate it when projects are out of my range to fix, just got to sit and wait, yet get judged as people assume its me who is holding up the whole process :( Hope this doesn't affect my 6 month review.

Another work related task (which I can speak more about) is using Weebly to produce a website for the FareShare charity. WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT Weebly is! OMG I'm so glad I'm not using it for this website. I understand as to why the tool exists (for people who want to create websites but know no code/coding skills) but surely you can allow the user the chance to enter their own code! It's awful, all 'clunky' and all drag and drop -.-

I woke up early/got home early so had time to work on this site (as you know from above). P.S just wait till I've done my 'About' page... you are going to luuuuurve it.

I had a driving lesson today, went okay.. doing all the manoeuvres. 3 point turn... fine,easy. Parallel park/reverse around a corner... i'm rusty to say the least... hopefully I won't get them on my test, but we shall wait and see.

OOOO, I also re-watched Karate Kid (the one with Jayden Smith/Jackie Chan) in it. Love it, great film... probably an 8/10 on IMDB.

Thats all from me folks, hope you have a good Tuesday (tomorrow). I'll be back with another post then... Peace :)