Posted by khrishan on 2018-08-17

One cold night in March, I fulfilled another one of my bucket list dreams. An activity that I have been longing to endure for some time now - and that was to play Bingo.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game where you have cards which have an array of random numbers from 1 to 90. There is a ‘Bingo Caller’ who, in the past, used to pick a number at random (normally from some sort of ball system) and shout it out to the crowd (normally with some cheesy pun associated with it). Now with technology, all that is automated.

If you cross off all the numbers on your card, you shout ‘Bingo’ and you are then declared the winner (and win the cash prize at the end of it).

As a 23 year old, the question that bounces around in my head is - ‘Who on earth plays Bingo anymore?’

I remember as a child, a family whom I played cricket with, won quite a lot from an evening of Bingo (£5000 I think - which paid for their Christmas). Can one get that much money from just colouring in numbers?

Only one way to find out! :)

I convinced a group of my work colleagues to join us… and wow - lets say it was an experience :P

My Thoughts

It was a tad depressing the evening we just had to endure :P.

We were given a 15 page booklet. Each page had a different game on it.

Bingo Book

Traditionally, Bingo players heard a number and had to physically cross that number off their bingo card. I know we’re in the 21st century, but what I witnessed was amazing! We were given the option to have a tablet in order to do the marking of numbers - which was automatic! In the sense that, the person didn’t have to do anything other than sit there and the tablet would ‘play’ bingo for them.

WHAT A KILL JOY!! Who on earth would use that? Surely, that takes the fun out of Bingo?

(Not going to lie, there were a lot of people with those tablets!)

I forced my group to use the paper version and the classic Bingo Dabber! #properBingo

In addition, there weren’t that many people in the room. I would say there were at most 40 people in the room, all dispersed around the room.



I’ve done it. Not bad for £5. I’m glad I did it. Would I do it again? If I had to, but only if there were a group of us and beers were involved. :)

Thanks for reading :) x