Benidorm 2018

Posted by khrishan on 2018-06-05

Benidorm has a reputation.

Whether it is Sticky Vicky, the many many Cheesy Tribute Acts or the TV show that was aired in 2007 about the typical British holidaymaker trips to Benidorm - Benidorm was never known for its class or sophistication.

That being said, it was the location for my friend's stag do - a perfect reason to make the 3 hour flight to the little Spanish seaside town.


The draw of Benidorm is that it is cheap, cheerful and SUNNY. This makes it a haven for many stag do's and hen parties. What I didn't realise / what we came to realise was HOW MANY there were (stag do's in particular).

Man they are fucking annoying.

Everyone's aim was just to get absolutely trollied from 8am in the morning - which meant a lot of trouble or street hustlers trying 'cash in' on said troubles. In addition, the famous 'Tiki Beach' was the biggest sausage fest along the strip.

At the bottom of this post are some pictures, the ones I can show at least. (Obviously there are some more 'NFSW' ones - which I can't show on an open forum).


Did I have a good time? Hell yes! We had fun on the stag do. It wasn’t too lairy as well as not being too tame - just right for my liking.

In addition, it was just the perfect get away I needed to get away from work - and although we were drinking a lot over the 4 days, I definitely had time to recharge the batteries.

Would I go back?

Never say never. The two selling points of Benidorm that are well worth going back are that its cheap and that it's sunny. But it wouldn’t be my first choice of destination.

In addition, I have a scratchmap to complete! :P I’m going to need to visit a few different places in order to check off that item. :P

Thanks for reading :) x