Basingstoke Half Marathon 2019

Posted by khrishan on 2019-10-06


So the main goal is to run a whole marathon (prefrebly in London). That is my north star.

But you have to walk before you can run (literally), so in order to prepare for the marathon, I'm starting by trying to run a half marathon.

So for my first attempt, I took part in my local one, the Basingstoke Half Marathon.

I downloaded a rough training plan off the internet, from Runners' World - and loosely followed it for 12 weeks.

My running schedule from Runner's World

I've done Tough Mudder with little to no training, so with a bit of training, I should be okay to do a half marathon... right?


Fuck me that was hard! And I think this photo summed it up perfectly!

Me at the end of the race, looking haggered

I finished in 2 hours 5 minutes - which I'm happy with, but not so happy with.

I really thought I could crack the 2 hour barrier, but my mind and body just didn't agree with me on the day.

Even though I've lived in Basingstoke for the past two years, I had no idea how hilly it is!! That was the thing that completely ruined me.

Either I ended up walking up the hill, or running up the hill and then walking once I was up on top the hill.

Looking back, although I trained for the race, I could have done more - a lot more.

For example, as I have now found out, you can train 'specifically for hills' - which is something that I need to include into my training plan going forward.

I've got to do a lot of work before I can even entertain the thought of doing a full marathon!


  • I went too quick at the start! I tried keeping up with my colleagues from work, which was a HUGE mistake. I should have just ignored my ego, and run at the pace I trained for.

  • Bring your own water! Although there were water stations on the route, there were two which handed out cups of water. I found it so difficult to drink from a wide open cup whilst trying to run :|. If there were bottles, then that would have been so much better (but I guess with the way of the world is now, with everyone going more green, that might be a thing of the past).

  • Train for hills!

Big shout out to all the marshalls, organisers, and the supporters! I never realised how many supporters there would be. I had loads of random people shouting my name, cheering me on.

(It might be the chiche thing to say but...) The supporters really did give me energy and make me run It really did help me run

Thanks for reading :) x