Ascot 2017

Posted by khrishan on 2017-12-03

On Friday 6th October, a few friends and I went to to Ascot for a day of racing and beer. It was the Ascot Beer Festival where loads of breweries gathered for the crowd and served some ales and ciders from around the country.

The cost of alcohol was quite reasonable. It worked on a ticket system, where 1 ticket was worth 1/2 a pint - 10 Tickets for £17.

I know NOTHING when it comes to horses, so much so I have limited myself to putting a maximum of £5 to bet on each race - therefore happy to lose £30 (how betting should be thought of in my opinion).

It was a gorgeous day - the weather was amazing and I won TWO BETS!!! (even though, I lost the first four - but forget about that ;) )

It will go down in history that the first horse I bet one, who won outright, was called 'Dominating'. (Read into that what you will :/ )

Here are the few pictures I took from the day.

Thanks for reading :) x