Posted by khrishan on 2016-02-24

So the time has come friends, I have made it across enemy lines and I am in Berlin!!! First up, I want to give a massive massive massive thank you to Eli Lilly for giving me the opportunity to go. (Thank you Marnie for recommending me, Thank you Derek for saying Yes) - I know it is a rarity for students to go on trips abroad (theres a whole expense issue regarding it), but this one will be good, and a great experience :)

But lets build up to Berlin… So today I worked from home so I could get to Heathrow in plenty of time. Safe to say I didn’t get much done… I did fix one piece of work I did though! ;) I had a mini 1:1 with my manager and then departed for town. I went to get a haircut before the trip and to get lunch… (yes I got a McDonalds - I’m sorry - My diet is extremely off point… it is something I must address after Berlin)…

Got back home, double and triple checked my bag, passport, hand luggage etc and then 2:30 arrived… got into the taxi and drove to pick up my colleague (hi Tom) and we headed to Heathrow.

Now I’m not a ‘travelled flyer’ (That’s Khrishan speak for ‘I don’t fly very often’) - and with most things, you only ever hear the bad things about airports, airport security etc etc. Safe to say this was a pleasant experience :) We arrived at Terminal 5 very early - which wasn’t a bad thing for me - and waiting till we could check in. Used a self service till, which was easy enough to work out (take notes Decathlon), checked our bags in and then went through security.

This was it, airport security, the scary part, the part where it could all go wrong… and amazingly, I didn’t get randomly searched! I put my stuff in the tray, went though the scanner, and got my stuff back… easy! (However, people who do fly at Heathrow don’t read the instructions about the trays… which is kind of like returning baskets at Decathlon… so I tidied up for about 8 people ;) #goodDeedDone #noHomo

We wondered around Terminal 5 and looked at the shops (its still expensive ;)) and then sat down waiting for our flight… we grabbed a sandwich in the process…

Once we got to our gate and sat down/waited for all the priority people to get on the plane first… I noticed a celebrity!!! It was Ade Adeptian. Here’s a picture…!


Now, most of you reading this will be thinking “Who the hell is he?” He was a Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball player… and he played in Athens - and got a Bronze media (thanks Wikipedia). However, I knew him better for being a host on CBBC (A child’s channel in the UK) - he probably wasn’t impressed that ‘thats how I knew who he was’ but nevertheless… life goes on. He was in Berlin with work attending a conference (not the one I’m going to unfortunatley)… but we spoke as the plane landed and I got a selfie! (I look woeful, I’m sorry)

Another thing about the plane… I do not like it when the plane is landing… my right ear hurts like a bitch!

We then arrived in Berlin, got our bags and then got straight into a taxi to the hotel. In the taxi, there were screens on the back of the seats with adverts on them (one advert I’m pretty sure was for an adult sex line… enough said). When we pulled up to the hotel, as Tom was sorting out payment, the Bayern Munich Basketball team pulled up (staying at the same hotel obviously…)

The Westin Grand Hotel… A MAZ ING!!! Its six stories high and the lobby was impressive enough. I got to my room and it was like the hotel I stayed in when I attended the ICANN conference… Tom and I then went to see where the conference was taking place (literally a 2 minute walk away) and then we came back to the hotel, chilled a bit and then went to our rooms.

I wanted to see the gym/swimming pool - yes there is a gym/swimming pool here - free to use - but I think seeing as it closed at 10pm local time, they closed the lift down to it. I shall report back tomorrow with my verdict.

Rest of the night has been spent writing my blog entries which can’t be uploaded as I have no internet in my room (unless I pay 15euro - not covered by the company card :/)… but there is free internet in the lobby… I’ll upload the posts tomorrow morning.

So technically this is a retro post… even though I’m writing this on the same day.

Anyways is 23:48 UK time and 00:48 Berlin time so time for bed… Peace :)