Another Golf Classic

Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-26

It’s Boxing Day! And I’ve woken up and made a bacon sandwich… oh the joys of having left over bacon from pigs in blankets :) :) :)

Happy Boxing Day people! Why is it called boxing day? Apparently according to Google, servants used to get ‘christmas boxes’ from their masters on the day after Christmas for their work during Christmas. You learn something new everyday here in this blog folks!

Been watching the cricket all day, oh how I wish I was in South Africa right now! South Africa look like they’re still hanging from India, thing is our top order looks fragile as well… only time will tell…

We’ve done something we haven’t done in a few years and I must say I’m very proud of my mom for this. We continued our long lasting tradition of going to the Williams’ house on Boxing Day. We didn’t go last year cause Mom couldn’t walk down the drive/get in the house but it shows how much progress she’s made in a year, who knows what she’ll be like next year…

My Mom made me drive the last little bit from the main road to the Williams’ house… which was more scary than the test! But my Mom approved so thats good… She also told me I park better than my Dad, so thats even better :)

It was so good to be in the company of friends :) We had curry and rice, watched Shaun the Sheep, the darts (Gary Anderson looked awesome… obviously no Mvg vs RvB match but still) and participated in the Chipping Challenge!!! We bought Chris (My White Dad) a chipping net a few christmas’ back and we have chipping challenges to get those ‘air golf balls’ into the net. I haven’t played golf in ages, so was very rusty indeed.

I don’t know where I came (definitely wasn’t last… I wasn’t as bad a James :P) but not as good as the seasoned pros. Also, my chips weren’t ‘technically’ chips… on a real course those golf balls would have gone MILES, but thats a lesson for another day.

I didn’t drive back cause I had a drink, but now back home and about to fall asleep. Peace :)