Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-21

Good evening guys and hopefully I can get this post out before midnight (probably won't :P).

Today is Sunday 20th December and I STILL haven't done my Christmas Shopping... It will mean me going to town tomorrow to grab my bits either in the morning, or at 4pm and before everything is shut. I promise you all that I'm not this 'disorganised' but this Christmas... time has flown! Work has been busy, driving has been occupying my time... #manic is the word.

Also, next week (well tomorrow anyway) means the start of me cooking food for my housemates (well Seb and Hannah anyway), as they have been really good to me through December and cooking for me/cooking stuff that I have eaten... tomorrow is Shepard's Pie day (again, haven't done the shopping for it yet, I'll go for ingredients tomorrow), busy busy busy... no rest for the wicked!

I haven't gone shopping, what did I do today? Well the main thing is what is in the title... THE ABOUT ME PAGE IS ONLINE... well... ish.

I have a template of a flow through the About Me section, the only thing is that I haven't actually got the content. For which there is good reason..! The reason this site is very 'picture less' is cause they are such a pain to get 'correct', not only for a desktop site, but to get them to scale for mobile... GRRRRR!

So, I've decided on the 'collAAAge' route, which is a series of pictures 'stuck together', sometimes overlapping etc (Go check it out khrishan.co.uk/about). However, this takes time so I will be uploading the about me section bit by bit... currently 'gathering pictures' for my QMGS section... may have to wait to go home, before I can finish that section.

I also watched Pirates 2 (Dead Man's Chest) - really good movie, best Pirates yet (not in Seb's eyes, but when do we ever agree?)...

In the REAL world, my house and the Chemistry boys went for a very nice roast at the Lyndhurst which is the 11th best 'pub/restaurant' in Reading (according to Baker's facts ;))... It was a nice roast, can't complain other than there wasn't a lot of it... it was 'devoured' ;)

I've figured that the time when I start 'publicising' my site, is when I've got the About Me section complete. Then I'll start asking for feedback, more pictures etc. Don't you worry, there will be a comment section being included (shouldn't be that hard to create (he says now)... but About Me will be priority first.

Like I predicted, this post isn't out by midnight (surprise surprise), Hope you all have a lovely Monday, speak to you tomorrow Peace :)