A Night at the Turtle

Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-19

Good Afternoon guys and gals... apologies again for the late post. I wasn't going to post last night anyway but was planning to post this morning, however waking up/showeing then a driving lesson got in the way...

Work was good as usual, however I am concerned with the amount of projects I am technically on. I counted them up this morning and I am on 9 (not including this website)... Hopefully I won't burn out as I try to keep on top of all of these projects... I'm going to try and get most of my little projects out of the way next week, so in the new year, i can concentrate on my big projects from the offset.

I love being busy though, keeps my mind focussed and I'm thankful for my placement for giving me tasks to do :) Just hope I can live up to my expectation... :)

After work, we went home/showered etc and went to the biology girls' house for pre drinks. I bought Jägermeister, which is quite nice with coke I thought... I had to do a shot of Tequilla also... #ew there is a reason I don't do shots... I honestly think I need to practice having shots just so I can man up and actually do them without being a complete pussy about it.

We then moved to Purple Turtle... a club/bar which is decent, but from what I remember there were a lot of 'older people' in there... like 30s old... which wasn't my scene.. but the night itself was amazing... I'm lucky to have such a great group of friends that are amazing to be around... I think thats what going away to uni provides... bear in mind, we had no idea who these people were in July... and now we're all good friends, going out, drinking, eating, socialising... as Del Boy would say... 'it's all pukka'.

There were some 'characters' in the club though... 'wide dancers' are the worst (p.s that doesn't mean they're fat - they just push people around for no apparent reason)... The amount of times our group broke up cause people just kept flailing their arms was ridiculous! There's no place for it! Especially in a small club like Purple Turtle...

I'm rambling now, I'll leave the rest of today's activities for tonight's blog :) Have a good afternoon Peace :)