A New Direction

Posted by khrishan on 2016-08-10

First things first, hello again! You may have noticed that it has been a while since I last posted anything on here, but there is good reason for that! First of all, I've been busy with life in general (look out for a future blog post on that) - this post however is to show what I've been getting up to on my website - both planning wise and development wise and what my plans are going forward.

I've spent weeks trying to decide and finalise what direction I want to take my website. After many weeks, arguing with myself in my head, I decided on what to do. I will still continue to blog, not daily but whenever something significant happens in my life or something interests me. These blog posts, will fall under one of three categories :



Tech - hence the tag line on my homepage.


I plan to set up a RSS feed at some point, so people can get updates whenever I put a new post up, but as always I'll be posting my posts on Twitter (and maybe Facebook). But first I need to finish off the updates to my site as it stands - these updates I'll update you all in a future blog post. Watch this space :)