A Handbrake Issue

Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-30

*** RETRO POST ***

Remember yesterday when I said “All that and it was the handbrake - not being fully down! What a muppet?! What problems could that cause anyway…?”… Why not read ahead and see WHAT problems it did cause…

My Dad decided to take me driving - to make sure I know what I’m doing - first of all he took me to Oldbury - which if you aren’t familiar with the Midlands is very very hilly. My Dad has a thing about doing hill starts (which to me, and all my instructors is the same as any other start - just this time you MUST find the bite else you’ll start rolling backwards)

So we went to Oldbury to test my skills out. I have never stalled the car as much as I have when I went with him OH MY DAYS! It’s like an added pressure! Even though its me, my car, he’s under my control - I’m the nervous one! I kept ‘going too quickly’ then ‘forcibly braking’ - not emergency stopping - but to that extent. In addition to my nerves, like I said before, its really hilly - so my Dad was making sure I could do hill starts on all hills. Then came this one hill…

I did the usual thing, indicate, pull over, break, clutch, handbrake, neutral… foot still on clutch and break… and turned the car off. For some reason, I felt nervous taking my foot off the clutch/brake :S. When I did, I had good reason. The car started rolling back… even though the handbrake was fully on! So that was a fault with the car for sure!

Now, was it the car? Was is the fact I drove it home from the dealer with the handbrake slightly on (read yesterday’s blog)? Who knows?! We drove home and the next day went to get it fixed.

So note to see and especially all Corsa drivers… don’t drive with your handbrake on! :P